Silicone pads

SICATECH is a worldwide leading manufacturer in pads, with over 1500 different varieties.

If we don´t have the right one, we will make the right one!

We will be happy to work with you and develop a pad for your needs.

We offer our pads with different backing systems. Mostly used is an aluminum or plywood backing. Besides these two options we have developed our own "Snap-On" system. This option makes it very easy for the operator to exchange a pad within seconds and therefore a minimum of downtime.

Depending on the strength and contour of the product to be printed, the pad needs to have the correct shore (hardness) level and shape and size.

Our pads can be made in any shore from 1 to 30 on the shore A scale.

SICATECH has the knowledge and experience to help you select the optimal shape and hardness for your application.


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