Corona treatment is the perfect solution for adhesion problems
Corona treatment is an electronic discharge to a surface in order to improve the wettability of plastic, metal or glass.

Some polymers can not be printed without pretreatment, such materials have a surface tension which is too low.

Especially on the environmentally friendly polymers like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) it is necessary to increase the surface tension.

Treatment is done prior to printing, bonding, coating, or laminating. It can be installed in existing or new production lines or can be operated manually.

Two of the ways to increase the surface tension are:
FLAME treatment : A gas flame is normally used to burn the surface. This process is hard to control. Surfaces tends to loose their glossiness. A great fire hazard in printshops with thinners and other solvents. Normally an increase in insurance cost is required. High energy cost
CORONA treatment : An electronic treatment of the surface.
The process is easy to work with, economical, easy to control and high-gloss material does not loose their glossiness.

Corona can treat most materials, such as: PE, PP, PET, EPDM, POM, PVC, Glass.

Even some types of conductive materials can be treated using the correct electrode design.


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