Production tools

Soft tools

Injection-moulded plastic parts, made in our prototype tools, have exactly the same characteristics, surface finish and quality as those being made in traditional steel tools.

Our prototype tools are made in aluminium, primarily by high-speed milling with 3-axis and 5-axis milling machines. Precision milling ensures that manual processing/machining is reduced to a minimum. In order to reach an attractive price and short lead-time, the tools include a certain number of standard parts.
The lead-time for prototype tools is normally 1-3 weeks, and the cost is significant lower than for traditional steel tools.


Protypes can be made in all kind of different materials to ensure the customers requirements for optimal functions. We can create prototypes in plastic as well as aluminium, brass and steel which we produce in our 3-5 axis high-speed CNC milling machines.


Machine parts


Sicatech constructs production tools - automations - machineparts - fixtures in ProEngineer Wildfire.
We use HyperMill - EdgeCam - ProEngineer to program our 3 axis and 5 axis milling machines.


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